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Which Type Of Shared Office Space Works Best For Your Business? Part 3

Posted in Coworking Communities,Shared Office Space by SharedBusinessSpace on May 7, 2010

Below is the third in a series of five posts on the different types of shared office space for rent. In part 3 we are discussing whether a coworking community is where you should rent office space:

Coworking: It's about people and relationships....and work

Need some social interaction in your workday? Coworking is an affordable option to consider.

 Coworking Communities: Space Description:  Coworking communities are professional creative office environments that have a mix of open areas,  some private offices and shared use of a conference room.  Often times you will see a community desk space where you can work alongside other community members, collaborate at will with other businesses, as well as join in social activities and planned events within the space.  Coworking communities offer affordable and flexible on-demand office space for rent to independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Collaboration, networking and social interaction are all promoted at coworking communities. The focus is on the people as much as on the work in this environment.

 Amenities:  :  When you rent office space at a coworking community some amenities are included in your membership fees and others are added fees.  Amenities can include, fast internet connections, networked printing, free coffee or other beverages, IT support, use of shared kitchen, fax/copy/scanning, white boards, projectors, social events, and networking events within the coworking space.

Rental Rates:  Rental rates will vary based upon how many hours per week you use the space, how much conference room time you need and if you use an open desk or a private office.  Daily rental rates can start as low as $20 to $50 for 5 hours of use and range from $250 per month for full time use to $1,000 per month. Rates also depend on how long of a membership you sign up for and if you use a private office, workstation, desk or community work bar.  You may find that the longer membership term you sign up for, the lower the rental rates are.  You can find a menu of the different packages and rental rate options on the coworking community web site in your city or at

 Good For:  Coworking is a fantastic option for independents, freelancers, software developers, writers, social media consultants, graphic designers and other creative or technological professionals that may be feeling isolated from working alone in cafes or at home.  When you are considering where to rent office space, keep in mind that this type of environment is not ideal for businesses that are on the phone a lot as par of their daily routine.  If being in a social, collaborative and informal environment is what you are looking for you will find coworking communities a good match.

 I recommend:  For a comprehensive look into the coworking world go to the following web site for more information,  You can also find more information about a local coworking community near you at  Can’t find a coworking community near you?  Contact for a referral to a community that meets your business needs.

Find available coworking space or list your community with us today at

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