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Which Type Of Shared Office Space Environment Works Best For Your Business? Part 4

Shared office space, conference room rental, photo studio for rent

Need part-time office space or a conference room rental for the day? Find it at

Below is the fourth in a series of five posts on the different types of shared office space environments available today.  Part 4 outlines office rental options for businesses in which it is more typical to rent office space,  or other types of business space on a part-time basis.

 Rent Office Space By the Hr/Day/Month

 Space Description:  Several different industry categories can fall into shared office space for rent available by the Hr/Day/Month.  Those include photographers; health and wellness practitioners who share rental office space and extra treatment rooms; fitness/dance studio space; and hourly rental of conference rooms and private offices.  A lot of coworking communities also offer drop in rates by the hour or day.

 Amenities:  Shared use of equipment, available storage areas, and fully furnished space.  A nice amenity that comes with hotel conference room rental and hotel short term office space for rent is the access to a menu of food and beverage service in the space you rent for the day. 

Rental Rates:  Asking rents can range from $20 per hour or up to $100 per day for business to business part-time shared office space for rent and for day visits to coworking communities.  Daily use of conference rooms typically run $35 to $100 dollars per hour and will vary depending on if you are in Denver or Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle, Manhattan or Miami.  My suggestion is to try and negotiate a rate lower than you are quoted every time for conference room day use, especially at hotels.  Many businesses are willing to rent out their conference room space to other businesses, especially if they have a complementary business.  Contact for referrals on the most affordable conference room or day office rentals in your city.

 Good For: In regards to part-time shared office space for creative professionals,  this type of environment is readily available for photographers, design professionals, metal workers, wood workers, artists and production or recording studios, commercial kitchens and hair salons.  For health practitioners those individuals working as chiropractors, psychotherapists, counselors, body workers, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other holistic professionals will be able to find many options to rent part-time shared office space or shared medical space.  More traditional medical specialties such as family medicine, podiatry, cardiology, internal medicine offices do not usually fall into this category of shared office space available.  Those would be found under the Standard Business to Business listings available at a monthly rate for a specific lease term.  See Part 1 of our article series that discusses this type of space.

I recommend:  For creative space options you can search your local yellow pages or other local web directories for photo studios, artist studios and similar spaces that commonly offer their space for lease on a short term rental basis.  A good starting point to find available shared space options by the day/hr or month in your city can be found at, a national online listing directory that solely focuses on business to business shared spaces for lease.  

Find or list full and part-time shared office space for rent, shared studio space and shared medical space for rent at  Can’t find suitable space for your business needs?  Contact for a personal referral in your city.

Review Part 3 in this series that discusses information about coworking communities.

Review Part 2 in this series that discusses information about business incubators.

Review Part 1 in this series that discusses business to business shared office space.

Shared Office Space For Lease

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