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Which Type Of Shared Office Space Environment Works Best For You? Part 5

Posted in Shared Business Space,Shared Office Space by SharedBusinessSpace on May 23, 2010
Private office space for rent in an executive suite

Shared office space in an executive suite offers amenities and luxuries to startups and small businesses

Below is the last in a series of five posts on the different types of shared office space and which will work best for your business:

 Executive Suites

Space Description:  Shared office space in a professional environment where a business can rent private office space by the day, hour or month.  They offer a menu of different membership plans, including a virtual office plan.  Many executive suite locations are in Class A office buildings and offer city views and other impressive luxuries a small business would not have access to otherwise based on their limited budget. 

Amenities:  Services include an office manager dedicated to your needs, receptionist to answer your calls and greet your clients, mail handling and package receipt, copy center services, a shared business lounge, branded signage for your office door, concierge services.  A benefit of shared office space in an executive suite is that they provide an infrastructure you can access on demand and, you can begin using an office most likely the same day you tour the space.

Rental Rates:  Rates will vary based upon location and if you would like full time or part time use.  Regus, one of the largest international executive suite companies, is currently advertising offices from $199 per month.  This is typically a starting rate for part time use of private office space for a fixed number of days per month and does not include conference room use.  Executive suites are designed to be very flexible and offer a large menu of services that can be very convenient for their users.  These piecemeal services can add up quickly so it is very important to consider all your business needs up front and get the all in cost involved so you are not surprised with a larger than expected bill  Don’t forget to read the fine print of your contract.  You may be required to give a written 90 day notice to terminate your contract.

Good For:  Businesses who want a high profile address to give them more credibility are common users of executive suites. Due to their flexibility and variety of on-site services offered, executive suites are also a great option for independents, entrepreneurs and small businesses that need professional office and meeting room space.  This type of shared office space is also a good option for larger companies who need satellite offices in other states.  Good for any business who wants all the benefits of a full –service office without the overhead costs or management responsibilities.

I recommend:  To get a good idea of locations, amenities and asking rates nationwide you can go to the web site for two of the major players in the executive suite world.  Those are and  I also recommend that you view the shared office space listings on which lists business to business shared office space for lease.  Many times other business will offer similar amenities as you will find in an executive suite for a more affordable price in attractive locations.

Find or list shared office space for rent in your city at

Review Part 4 in this series that discusses information about options for part time space for rent by the hour, day or month.

Shared Office Space For Lease

Find or list shared office space in your city


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