Business To Business Shared Office Space In Your City

About Our Service

Find or List Shared Office Space for Lease

 As a leading nationwide office sharing directory, provides Space Seekers affordable options on shared office space for rent.

Additionally, we serve as a matchmaker—connecting businesses with available space to subtenants wanting to rent office space.  Our sole focus is on the expanding niche of shared office space for rent.

 Some of the commercial office spaces we help people find are:

  • Private office space with a shared conference room
  • Workstations, cubicles and open desks
  • Coworking spaces
  • Shared medical office space and treatment rooms
  • Shared studio space
  • Temporary office space
  • Shared warehouse space
Private office space, desk space for rent, coworking spaces

Willing to share office space with another business? Find it at

We list a full range of affordable office space from businesses in varied industries that offer flexible terms and amenities to startup businesses, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

 Are You Paying for Unused Office Space? Let Us Help!

 Office rental costs are one of the largest expenses a business will incur. Managing this expense by sharing office space with the right subtenant is one of the smartest decisions a business can make. You can choose the neighbors who will offer you the greatest opportunities for business networking and collaboration. Let us help you find a complementary business to share your space so you can begin to reduce costs and increase your bottom line

With the right shared office space partner, a business can thrive and new opportunities will develop.

The type of businesses we help find space by connecting them with the right match are:

  • Small businesses
  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Independent professionals
  • Freelancers and startups

 Like-minded business owners can share the monthly operational costs when sharing office space, refer business leads, and see increased revenue.

 List your space today and let others find you.

 Seeking Affordable Office Space? Find It Here!

 Search our listings for free, and find the right space for your needs.

 Browse our industry categories, choose the location you want, and pick the complementary business to share your space. Business referrals between independent professionals are vitally important in our networked world. The company you keep should be strategically chosen to help build your business. We can connect you with a complementary business offering open office space, and when you share the monthly costs, you’ll both increase your bottom line.

We generate high quality leads and put you in direct contact with interested parties.

 Do you have a sense of urgency to lease your unused office space? Advertising in more than one place is the key to your success in locating a suitable subtenant to rent your space. If your listing isn’t generating leads, we offer personal service and guidance to make your listing more attractive to business owners seeking a space to rent.

Here are two ways you’ll receive quality leads by choosing us:

  • Prospective subtenants visit our website and contact you directly.
  • One of our team members will e-mail leads to you. These quality leads are generated through our referral and advertising network.

 Quality leads are prescreened and sourced for our listing partners by one of our team members before we pass them along to you.

 Get started and list your space today with an expert in office sharing arrangements.


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