Business To Business Shared Office Space In Your City

Office Sharing: Top 5 Things to Consider Before You Rent

Office sharing arrangements are now available in several different formats.  The three most common are 1) a business sublets office space from another existing business with extra space 2) coworking communities 3) executive suites.  Businesses seeking office space to rent have some excellent affordable and flexible options to choose from these days.  Aside from the physical office space, what else is important to you in your work environment?  Below are the top 5 things to consider before you rent shared space from the experts at, a national online office sharing directory.

    • Will the perception of your clients in regards to your shared office environment be positive or negative?
    • How much privacy do you need in your job or in regards to your files, workpapers and phone calls?
    • How much time do you spend on the phone each day? 
    • How much conference room time do you need per week?
    • Do you prefer to be around like-minded people building a sense of community or do you just need an office to rent?

Learn about which office sharing arrangement is best for your business to save time in your search for the ideal match for your both your budget and work environment.  Some of the general differences between the three common types of shared offices are:

  • Established businesses and executive suites are more likely to offer a traditional office setting with a more prestigious address.  You can find creative office space options to rent in both shared spaces with established creative services firms as well as in coworking communities.
  • The highest level of privacy will likely be found at an executive suite, followed by subletting a private office from an established business and less likely (but possible) at a coworking space in your city.
  • A job that requires you to be on the phone every day on a regular basis for several hours is generally not the best fit for a coworking community. 
  • Most of the time established businesses offering their unused office space for rent will include shared use of the conference room (unlimited as long as available) in the base rent.  Both coworking communities and executive suites typically allocate a set amount of hours of use to be included in your base rent.  Any additional use beyond that is paid for based on an hourly fee. 
  • If being surrounded by like-minded people who are also focused on community building is exciting to you than joining  a local coworking community will be your workplace dream come true.  If this is not a top priority for you than subletting an office from a complementary business to your own is another great way of networking and increases potential business referral opportunities.  If you need convenient add on services such as a receptionist, your business needs a clear and independent identity within the space or you prefer a more traditional office space option an executive suite might be the best fit for your business.

To get started in your search for a shared office or coworking space visit to browse office sharing opportunities in your city.  Search our specific industry categories such as Creative , Architects, Law Office Space, Medical Office Space, and Professional to find a complementary business match.  Also search our reference list of  U.S. Coworking Spaces to locate a coworking community in your city.  For help in locating a suitable subtenant to rent your unused office, desk or studio space, post it in our database at so we can begin to send you qualified subtenant leads today!

Happy Sharing!


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