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Coworking Spaces in the United States

Posted in Coworking Communities,Coworking Spaces by SharedBusinessSpace on July 18, 2011

If you are an independent professional, small business owner, telecommuter, tech startup or small team looking for a flexible workspace solution that focuses on community-building as a top priority, than coworking is for you. 

Coworking is now a mainstream workplace solution

Browse our list of U.S. Coworking Spaces on SharedBusinessSpace


Joining a coworking space is the ideal first step out of your home office or out of the local coffee shop.  Start or grow your business with the support of like-minded individuals and join a coworking space in your city.  Grab a desk space for rent next to other talented people while increasing your happiness, motivation and productivity.

Whether you are in New York, San Francisco, Chicago or Denver, coworking is becoming mainstream as a preferred workplace solution.  To find your ideal space the best idea is to take advantage of the drop-in day rate or free trial day most communities offer.  Each working environment is unique and offers different amenities, but they all have one thing in common; the goal of creating a community above all else.  To learn more about coworking  join the conversation on the Coworking Wiki or the Coworking Google Group.  Visit to view shared office listings for rent in your city.

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